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So happy its spring and the warmer weather is coming. Not that the winter was horrible on the west coast but there is nothing like being able to take off my winter jacket and show off my curves. Which I know most of you guys are going to be super happy about too. Cause you all love talking to your curvy phone sex girl about well worshiping those curves 😉

Eager to put on my flip flops and my shorts and tight tees. Where is the warm weather so I can strip down beyond my house. Mind you a little bit of a secret I am vary rarely fully dressed at home. 9/10 I am walking around the house in my panties and tee, I think the neighbour just love that cause my front curtains are pretty thin. With the lights pretty sure you can see in.

Do I care?

Not really. Kind of a turn on to know that my neighbours could be looking in and jerking off to my curvy body. If they only knew what I did while wearing my panties and tee!

Some of you naughty boys know exactly what this curvy phone sex girl is up too. In fact, your on the other end of my phone worshiping my body in some sensual fantasy.

What area of my body would you want to start the worship on?

Kassidy 1-888-904-9766

girlfriend experience phone sex

The fun of the holidays are over. OMG was in a massive food coma between my moms yummy goodness and well just what seemed like non stop going out for dinners or drinks or what ever it just never ended. Seriously think the next month is going to be a detox from food. Who am I kidding. I love food too much to completely detox. Bring on the yummy goodness.

I got spoiled with some new sheets yay! I love a bed filled with super soft sheets and abundance of pillows. The down fall is that I never want to leave bed in the morning. Most the time I am finding I just roll over grab my ipad and flip myself to taking some sweet phone sex calls before my body has left the warmth of my bed. Gets me in that  girlfriend experience type of mood. Well ok so I am always in that mood but when your tucked under the covers its just more so that way.

Know I am not the only one who feels the need for some gfe loving during the day. The way the conversation just flows from this or that. The playful giggles that leave you wanting to just snuggle in closer and tell me your deepest sexual desires. Yes I know I look super cute and sweet but I am the phone sex girlfriend that you crave who you can tell most anything too.

From the sweet things of an erotic conversation that is filled with soft moans of masturbation to the naughty kinky role plays where one of us might be miss treated a little bit. Hey I am completely open minded. Just know when we are sharing we get to have some hot fun together.

Well I am off to cuddle up under a blanket and watch some stuff I pvr’d cause today completely calls for that. The dark grey days make me extra cuddly and well horny. So love to have some like minded company.

Who is up for joining me?

Kassidy 1-888-904-9766

Want to know a secret? I love denying orgasms.
It all starts by teasing my boyfriend when I am getting ready for a girls night! Oh who am I kidding I love teasing my boyfriends cock any chance I get. He loves it too truth be told.

Like the other night I went out with just the girls and my boyfriend laid on the bed watching me get ready. Just that alone usually excited my boyfriend. He laid there watching me put on my sexy bra and panties. With each item of clothing he was asking, ” So when will you be home?” Or “How long are you going out?”


It was rather cute. I know his cock was getting hard just watching me get ready. Now I could of been a good girl and gave him a hand job on my way out the door but I wasnt in a good girl type of mood. Instead the naughty girl in me went over to him and got him to roll onto his back and just straddle his face with my panties on. Letting him sniff my pussy through those panties. All while I leaned over and pulled his cock out and started to stroke it a few times.

I could feel his breathing on my thighs. He was getting excited and pretty sure he thought he was going to blow a load. Ha! Was he in for a surprise as I stroked him hard till his breathing was quickening to tell me he was nearing an orgasm and then I just stopped.

NO orgasm for my boyfriend.

I just put his very hard cock into his pants. Pulled down my dress leaned over and kissed him and walked out the door. All night long he was messaging me to find out when I was coming home cause his cock was aching for me. Just the way I liked it!

Kassidy 1-888-904-9766 for some orgasm denial phone sex

So I often get asked what exactly is gfe phone sex? Really there is not set answer for it and everyone has their own opinions of it. Most guys like jumping from girl to girl and tasting the variety there is out there. Which is all wonderful and great. Then there are the guys who like to develop a bit of a rapport with the girl they talk to. This is where the girlfriend experience kicks in.


For some guys its they have a complicated fantasy they like to dive into and really they dont like having to explain it time and time gain. Takes away from the time they can enjoy on the phone. So for them gfe phone sex is just knowing they can call the same girl and have a relationship with her where she knows what the fantasy is and they can build on it. Taking the fantasy to new heights.

For others a gfe phone sex relationship is just that having a certain someone they can call that just gets them. They can really talk about anything and nothing all at the same time. The new restaurant down the street to the movie they got dragged to that sucked. Yet some how there is that familiarity that comfort that they can confide their deepest sexual desire too.

Over the years of doing phone sex some of my most funnest times have been with the gfe phone sex calls. I really do hate to call them that. Not sure what else to call them but for me its just getting to know someone on that deeper level more than just some fantasy. Its getting to know the individual. Knowing they hate the Leaf’s with a passion or that dogs doing stupid tricks make them laugh. Its knowing that while they lay in bed tossing and turning they can reach for that phone and reach out to me.

So I guess if you want to label it as a phone sex girlfriend then sure but really its just me being me. Thoughtful, caring and sweet. Course I do have a wickedly kinky side that I love to bring out.

If your looking for that certain someone then perhaps I am that one.

Kassidy 1-888-904-9766

This weekend, perhaps it was the amount of horror flick on with Halloween, but I was in the mood for a lot more forced fantasy phone sex calls. Sure I enjoy most anything when it comes to fantasy but there are times when I just get in the mood for one thing and really one thing only. This was that weekend. I was thinking of being bound up and forced into all sorts of crazy sex situations. Really in most those movies isnt the blonde that ends up being the first victim any ways?

forced fantasy phone sex

Actually its usually the big breasted blonde that becomes first the victim. No wonder I was feeling like this.

Well it was rather fun cause apparently I wasnt the only one feeling in that forced sex sort of way either. Since a few naughty guys found me. Some who suppose figured just like the shows they were watching felt they needed a busty blonde victim.

Enter Kassidy!

I am far from complaining. The idea of being tied up, bound and victimized really got me well wet and moaning. The funny thing is as much as the weekend is over and all the spook is done with. I had far too much fun with the forced fantasy phone sex calls and well dont really want them to stop.

Really the sky is the limits here. For I am thinking completely taboo, no holds barred, hard core stuff. *evil grin* I know you guys are all thinking it and what better way than with a sweet, sexy busty blonde. Yes I realize I am slightly willing but really its all fantasy. You could be the stalker that finally grabs me when I am trying to get into my car late at night. Or maybe snatch me in some alley way that I really shouldnt be walking down in the first place. Or maybe it something more methodically, that cabin in the woods that I stay at every weekend in October you are the grounds keeper and really had enough of my flirtatious ways?

Honestly, I could go on and on but that only gets me more excited. So lets have some dirty nasty fun tonight.

Kassidy 1-888-904-9766

When I hear a certain someones voice on the other end of the phone I know we are in for some orgasm edging phone sex fun. Well actually its more like teasing him to his orgasm for he has already been edging for a number of hours. But in order for him to cum extra hard he needs that little extra boost that his sexy blond phone girl can give him.

orgasm eding phone sex

My soft sexy voice whispering in his ear guiding him.

Directing him.

On making those balls ache more and more. For he has already ensured his balls are filled will all his masturbation leading up to our conversation. Its my job to ensure he cant think straight and beg for an orgasm like non other. That could be making him stroking hard, fast, or slow. Or well any other way that I can think of.

Course this call was far different than our usual orgasm edging for he hadnt spent a lot of time masturbating before hand. He only had a few precious moments to himself and had to make the most of it. So it was a mini orgasm edging phone sex session. Well as mini as 30 minutes can feel when you have me coaxing you to that intense full feeling.

Though it does get me thinking that a fun way to do an orgasm denial session would be to do random calls through the hours of edging. Start out getting that cock hard with a mini session just so your off in the right direction and then random calls throughout the time you have devoted to edging your cock. Course ending the intense session with yours truly.

Kassidy 1-888-904-9766

Well I am usually around after 8pm – 6am EST.

Hi Guys. I have had a busy summer between being around for kinky phone sex calls and well just enjoying the summer weather. It was absolutely amazing on the west coast. Course not going to lie there was another reason my summer rocked there was a certain guy that I was spending my time with. Bet your thinking some of those cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasies that you did with me over the last few months are super hotter now.

cheating girlfirend phone sex fantasy

How many of you thought I was only telling you I had a boyfriend for the sake of the fantasy?

Nope. I have one very sexy guy who I see. Well actually its more than just see we are full on dating. So really any cheating girlfriend fantasies getting me going where its just to humiliate you or cuckold you or the combination of the two (which I really like) Hmm guess that would make me be the one stepping out on you but well you know that when you call wanting me to be your sexy blonde girlfriend that I am totally going to be describing my last sexual experience with my boyfriend. Which I got to say is ah-MAY-zing! Not to rub it in or anything haha!

Lucky for me he works grave yards so that means that I can still keep taking calls over night and it not interfere with my fuck sessions with him. Really only adds to the intensity of those cheating fantasies.

So look for me later on tonight.

Kassidy 1-888-904-9766

A called me on the weekend wanting me to decide what fantasy we were going to diving into. Well being the brat that I can be I thought rather than him telling me the options I just pick A or B or Left or Right or what ever. That way there is no knowing what I was picking rather a surprise for both of us.

Well I ended up picking the one where I take him by force you could say rape him. I was rather excited. Maybe a bit too excited lol. The idea was that I had A had come over to my place to help me with something. I am his girlfriend’s best friend so really him helping me isnt anything out of the ordinary. While he is there I drug his coffee. Oops bad Kassidy 🙂

forced phone sex

I drag him into my bedroom, striping him and binding his wrists and ankles to my four poster bed. I lay next to him wearing some sexy black lingerie. Next I move on to waking him up. My hands rubbing over his body.

Kissing along his neck.

My fingers pinching his nipples.

What I really want is to see his cock hard.

I mean I have listened to my friend tell me how amazing A’s cock was so course I had to find out for myself. I laid there with my fingers wrapping around it watching him moan in his drugged sleep. My mouth just found its way down there sucking on it just a little bit. Oh it was perfect. Too perfect. I had to have it.

He was waking up.

Moaning his girlfriend’s name as my strokes quickened. He was really getting into it now. A’s eyes fluttering open. Only to see my beautiful blue eyes looking back at him. He attempted to jump but that was the moment he realized that he was bound to my bed. He was a bit pissed to put it mildly to be strapped naked to my bed but I wasnt about to let him go. I mean I wanted to fuck him and really he could be apart of it willingly or well I can take it by force I dont care either way I was getting his dick in my pussy. I mean I have been waiting months for this moment and nothing was getting in my way.

A trying so hard to think of things to get that dick soft but I can be very persuasive and well he couldnt argue once my pussy was riding him. Then when I told him that I needed him to impregnate me well that had him thrusting harder. Sure he says he was fucking me back so that I wouldnt tell his girlfriend but I know he was totally into me raping him. He wanted to see me carry his baby.

Sure there is far more to this forced sex fantasy but really those are the intense highlights.

Love to so a forced phone sex fantasy with you. I know I dont look like the type to do those taboo rape fantasies but isnt that what makes it so perfect?

Kassidy  1-888-904-9766


Hi Guys! So being that I dont have a boyfriend at the moment I really enjoy mutual masturbation phone sex calls. The fantasies never really matter to me if that sounds odd sorry. I am more into the feeling the moment with a guy anyways. Listening to how there breathing changes as they get more excited. Sure we can talk about some erotic fantasy but really when you get into it.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I mean really into it does the fantasy matter any more?

Probably not.

All your thinking about it stroking faster. I know when I am getting lost in the moment of how great that vibrator feels the fantasy can disappear away on me. I focus on your breathing and moaning and you on mine. Getting lost in that moment of ecstasy is like we are both in the same room.

What matters now it where I am touching myself.

Where you are touching yourself.

How are bodies are moving as we touch ourselves.

As long as I can engage in mutual masturbation phone sex it definitely satisfy that sexual need in me. Besides its always more fun to masturbate with someone else. So love for you to join me.

I am around in the evenings, you know when your just curling up in bed and craving to fall asleep after some erotic fun.

Kassidy 1-888-904-9766

I caught myself the other day doing a bit of breath control when I was masturbating. Its not like I intended to do it but it just rather happened. I was running my vibrator back and forth over my clit making it feel so amazing. My orgasm was just building and building. My whole body tingling and on that edge. When all of a sudden I was curling my toes and well holding my breath. Not just for a few seconds either but full blown holding my breath for as long as I could. Feeling that orgasm just building more intensely. I would gasp for air and that orgasm would easy off. Hold my breath again and that intensity of the vibrator was just off the wall.
I dont know am I the only one who does that?
Holds their breath during an orgasm?
Sure I am not other wise you wouldnt be here. Either you yourself are into breath play or you love doing it on others. Well I definitely fall into the category of having it done to me. Nothing hotter and well my orgasms are far more intense that way.
Well I am off to well do that again. Can you blame me?
Love for you to join me thought
1-888-904-9766 ask for Kassidy